Commercial projects contribute to $16.8 million permit valuation in July


Several large commercial projects ran up the valuation of building permits in the city according to the July report from Director of Planning and Zoning Shontrell Roque. The valuation of 72 permits was $16,835,000. The largest permit was issued to Braxton Keyser LLC and Donahue Favret Contractors Inc., for the ComCare nursing home being built on La. Hwy 494. The valuation of the permit was $14,300,000.

This article published in the Aug. 14, 2021, print edition

There were two substantially large roofing permits issued to the Natchitoches Parish School Board. The first permit was for $180,000 for the central office building on Royal Street. The second was for $702,000 for a new roof on M.R. Weaver Elementary on St. Maurice Lane. The school board also obtained a permit for $468,236 for renovations to East Natchitoches Elementary on East Fifth Street.

Another major permit was issued to Northwestern State for additions and alterations to 520 University Parkway. The permit is for an upgrade to the building that was formerly the Wesley Foundation. It will house the NSU Office of Development.

The valuation of the permit is $280,000.

Other permits and their valuations were issued to:

•Richard Speer, 603 Oakland, HVAC, $9,100

•Roxann M. Freeman, 827 Parkway, HVAC, $7,777

•John Bloodworth Jr., 131 North, HVAC

•Lee A. LaCaze, 654 Culbertson, HVAC, $7,987

•Eugene Wheeler, 1420 Holmes, residential alterations, $3,300

•Maurice Morelock, 225 Jefferson, residential alterations, $230,000,

•Lester L. Holland, 304 South Drive,sign $50,

•Hovey Harrell, 208 Martin Drive, residential alterations, $11,218

•University Parkway Properties, 926 University Parkway, commercial alterations, $3,800

•Tod Working, 316 Percy, roof, $5,100

•Robert Murphy, 1423 Georgia Ann, residential alterations, $7,500

•John Morrison, 1722 Washington, residential repairs, $300

•Stanley Salter, 518 Amulet, roof, $12,315

•Dale Clingerman, 501 St. Claire, roof, $14,000

•Lewis Reed, 130 Cypress, roof, $8,538

•George D. Ingrish, 1926 Williams, residential electrical and repair, $20,000

•JRT Investments LLC, 367 South Drive, commercial alterations, $20,000

•Chris Sampite, 846 Whitfield, residential pool, $55,000

•Diane McDonald, 125 Cassie Circle, residential pool, $40,000

•Melissa Sullivan, 314 Prather, roof, $7,500

•Stone Ventures LLC, 428 Fourth, residential additions, $9,200

•Timothy Pier, 428 Sanford, residential alterations, $3,000

•Joyce Bonner, 524 Stephens, residential alterations, $15,233

•Daniel Efferson, 832 Lafayette, demolition single family home, $500

•Waddy K. Norman, 310 Whitfield, roof, $4,709

•Stephen D. Evans, 1331 Texas, residential alterations, $10,000

•Mark Douglas Wilkerson, 610 Keys Circle, residential alterations, $600

•Braxton Keyser LLC, 781 La. Hwy.494, sign, $10,000

•Beverly Washington, 704 Royal, electrical repair, $10,000

•Glenda Hardison, 910 Bayou Jacko, roof and electrical, $350

•Patricia C. Jackson, 325 Rowena, roof, $2,100

•Nicholas Smith, 304 Watson, roof, $4,248

•Anil Matta, 1709 Williams, residential pool, $92,000

•1000 University Parkway LLC, 1000 University Parkway, pool and roof, $47,000

•Southern Oaks Construction, 242 Scarborough, residential alterations, $5,000

•City Housing Authority, 524 Myrtle, demolition of two-family home, $12,900

•Palace Realty LLC, 530 front, commercial roof, $33,898

•Steven Horton, 434 Second, residential repair, $10,000

•Chad Deranger, 110 Cypress, residential pool, $75,000

•Robert H. Dupre, 113 Jasmine Circle, residential pool, $63,000

•Nora Lee, 1228 St. John, residential repairs, $9,820

•Charles Wamber, 1235 Holmes, residential new other structure, $4,900

•Messina Investments LLC, 409 Keyser, HVAC, $4,675

•Anthony Farris, 1216 Rusbo, roof, $1,300

•LDR Enterprises, 166 Beverly Rise Place, residential repair, $500