Letter to the Editor – Allen


Dear Editor:

Royal Alexander’s latest shameful public exhibition in the Natchitoches Times of his vile, morally bankrupt soul—this time in an op ed entitled “Freedom of Conscience: Mandatory Vacines [sic] and Masks”—one can only marvel at how smugly this professional Trump Stooge defends the “right” of ignorant, science-rejecting people to refuse getting vaccinated against COVID and thereby risking their own lives and the lives of others. The Delta variant of this plague is more contagious and perhaps even more deadly than earlier strains. Hospital ICUs across the South are currently jammed with the dead and dying.

This article published in the Aug. 19, 2021, print edition

Red States Texas and Florida account for a third of new cases nationwide, and both have shameless Trump Stooge Governors—Abbot and DeSantis—who for political reasons are happy to demand the suspension of mandatory vaccinations and masks in their states no matter how many people die as a consequence. 98% of those in ICUs are unvaccinated. Yet  Abbot and DeSantis don’t even seem bothered that their deadly advice is predominantly killing Trump voters! And Royal Alexander is a proud member of this Confederacy of Dunces.  Why? The only possible explanation I can come up with is that Royal thinks additional COVID deaths will somehow make President Biden look bad. But of course that’s only “Royal Logic,” a first cousin of pretzel logic.

The only ones to blame for the present surge of deaths are the unvaccinated dead themselves, and those who urged them to jump off the cliff while staying safe themselves. So here’s Alexander’s dirtiest, most twisted little secret: I’ll bet he’s fully vaccinated. He may be morally compromised, but Royal’s going to look out for Number One—just like Trump, who got the best medical treatment in the world the moment he contracted COVID, then soon got secretly vaccinated to further protect himself. With Alexander and Trump, it’s monkey see, monkey do. And don’t do as I do: do as I say.

A man like Alexander who has demonstrated he’s willing to support the violent overthrow of our democracy in the attempt to regain control of our country for his party will certainly not have any qualms about urging other people in his party to potentially commit manslaughter and even suicide by following their disgraced leaders’ lies.

This is beyond shameful. It’s depraved.

Rodney Allen



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