Just Talkin’ for Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021


Chesapeake Energy, once the dominant player in the Haynesville Shale natural gas field, emerged from bankruptcy about six months ago and is going strong. So strong in fact, they recently completed a $1.1 billion deal to acquire Vine Energy-another Haynesville Shale gas producer.

The word is Chesapeake is looking to serve foreign markets and this puts them in a prime position. JT hopes this signals a drilling frenzy in the Haynesville Shale field, since President O’Biden is doing his best to shut down our oilfields.

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The one comment that keeps coming up when JT listens to discussions about the Taliban taking over Afghanistan is…embarrassed. We have been in the country through Presidents Bush Jr., Obama, Trump and now O’Biden. It’s time we moved out and left them fight their own battles. But the way we did it, abandoning those who supported and helped us, is a total failure. JT can’t see a lot of countries lining up asking for our military help based on our actions recently.

There’s been a lot of finger pointing in the past few days and history will point a lot more. But based on what JT has been reading and hearing, Presidents Trump and O’Biden are very similar in the fact they apparently don’t listen to their advisors.

JT knows that if he would to put that on Facebook he would end up in “Facebook jail.” It was pointed out to JT that if there is a silver lining coming out of the US withdrawal, it is that now China and Russia, with their close ties to the Taliban, will have to keep an closer eye on what’s happening if Afghanistan.


Something really stuck out to JT his week when crossing the Keyser Avenue Bridge. He noticed the stone wall at the “pocket park” next to the bridge is about to fall into Cane River. Not sure how long it’s been that way, but some parts of the wall have already collapsed.