Just Talkin’ for Aug. 26, 2021


Welcome Louisiana Sports Hall of Famers, families and guests. There are a lot of activities to celebrate the weekend. See pages 10-11 of this edition for full details. JT understands organizers are getting the rains to hold off and have even turned the thermostat below 100 for the weekend. Natchitoches is really blessed to have such a fine facility here to showcase our “hometown” heroes. Have a great time in Natchitoches! AND come back again real soon!


JT is re-hashing a couple of things in his mind that’s he’s not sure he really needs. Mainly, it’s the need for a landline at his house. It seems telemarketers are 90 to 95 percent of the calls he’s getting at home. Not that he’s old….but JT’s told “younger” homeowners are not using a home phone anymore. They simply use their cell phones. In fact, most of the time when JT gives out his phone number…it’s his cell phone. In his research (talking to buddies), the only good reason he can come up with for keeping a landline is for a security system or maybe 911.

JT understands though 911 is able to locate you by a cell phone number…it just takes a little longer than the land-line. JT kind of believes the phone companies saw this coming so they require a landline for Internet service. Even if your house is set up for wireless…you still have to get it to the house first….right? JT is pretty sure he can survive without a home phone…not so much so about the Internet where he reads his favorite newspapers. Sure, he could do that on his phone, but his eyes need a much larger print.


Another thing JT is pondering is escaping hundreds of television channels. All he really needs is a good sports channel, Lawrence Welk and classic movies. Unfortunately…for him, anyway…you can’t create your own viewing package. You gotta get 200 plus other channels. JT knows a few people who have opted out of cable TV and gone to streaming services like Hulu, Apple TV, YouTube TV, Sling….and the list is growing. As JT mentioned earlier, he “thinks” he can ditch the home phone, but he’s not yet willing to gamble on missing Lawrence Welk or the classic movies.


Just a reminder…we’ve got some amendments to the state constitution on the Oct. 9 ballot (see the list in our Public Notice Section today). One deals with the statewide sales tax collection. Look for more on that in the weekend edition. But…there’s a deadline before then that’s important. The last day to register to be a voter and be eligible to cast a ballot on the amendments, is Sept. 8. It’s easy to do…either go to the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse Registrar of Voters Office or go to the GeauxVote Online Registration system. Your opinion matters to JT….unless you don’t register to vote or you choose not to vote.