Just Talkin’ for Sept. 2, 2021


JT was sure glad to be back at work Monday. Sunday, he kept flipping back and forth between golf and the Weather Channel. The anxiety from both really wore him out.

The golf match went to a sixth playoff hole and JT was just as antsy to see when Hurricane Ida was going to turn and the damage she was causing. His heart goes out to those who suffered any kind of damage at the hands of Ida. The recovery and rebuilding will take some time because we already have a nation-wide problem getting materials and supplies. It was a nice sight though to see the utility trucks from all over the country headed down I-49 over the weekend to staging areas until the storm passed through.

They join the list of professionals who are true heroes in times of distress. Speaking of I-49, JT made a dash to Shreveport over the weekend and noticed how nasty and overgrown the I-49 median had gotten. In several spots the grass is taller and hides the new barriers they put up between the north and southbound lanes. It’s not the best impression for North Louisiana to give visitors. JT can’t compare it to I-20 or to I-10, because he hasn’t been on them in a while…but he bets they look better than I-49. Maybe we can get Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser on this since it does affect our image.


JT regrets he didn’t applaud a fellow the other day for saying what a lot of people are thinking and dealing with. The man was at a convenience store and was “vocally” unnerved by the number of people not wearing a mask when a sign on the entry door said it was mandatory. A clerk said they couldn’t make somebody wear a mask but he argued she could because the sign said it was mandatory to enter.

JT knows that no business is going to enforce that mandate. They don’t want to run off or offend a customer. In fact, JT can’t recall a single instance where he has heard someone being told to put a mask on before entering. Maybe these mandatory mask signs he sees on the doors of businesses should include a “winking eye.” This guy was adamant on the mask issue and JT agrees. He just wishes the fellow had been equally incensed over the guy in front of him with his pants hanging around his thighs. Now that should definitely be a reason to kick someone out!


It appears the economic recovery has slowed down. There are a few families still getting stimulus checks based on the number of kids in the house and those will go for a few more months. Gone though are extra unemployment benefits and checks sent to taxpayers that really helped the local economy. Of course back to school spending also helped. What we haven’t seen are people going back to work! That’s what we need as much as anything to get money turning over. We’ve seen universities using COVID dollars to pay off student debt and states and cities getting boat-loads of COVID related funds.

JT wonders what has local government done to help the struggling local business community? No breaks on sales tax submissions or even waiving the fee for new construction or renovation of a business. How about lending a hand to those struggling businesses instead of funneling it into non-governmental entities. When are we going to recognize that local business is the backbone of a community?