Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Sept. 4, 2021


JT is one happy fellow that the state has resurfaced the road between the By-Pass and I-49. This new overlay is nice and smooth…but more importantly it seems a little higher than the old road. That’s a good thing because it should eliminate the hydroplaning vehicles have been doing in the past. Rainwater used to cascade down the highway in the hill areas and caused quite a problem for drivers. JT was waiting for the first really good rain to test it out. He got that Thursday afternoon when we got a good shower. The road, and JT, both held up pretty well.


Speaking of rains….JT has been through more than his share of hurricanes, but this Ida appears to have been a monster. He can’t recall one that lasted this long and covered so much distance. When he heard about the deaths in New York due to flooding, it got him wondering….just how far away is that. Not sure how far Ida went from start to finish, but from Port Fourchon to New York is around 1,500 miles. That’s road miles. It’s a little over 1,200 by air. But she created havoc in the wake of her 100 plus mile cone all they way north.


JT likes to use Hwy. 1 to Shreveport from time to time as a change of scenery. However, he’s probably going to re-think that after reading where the Town of Powhatan wants the police chief to generate some ticket revenue to help with their dire financial shape. Seems like they are taking a page out of the Robeline playbook. The development of I-49 pretty much eliminated the traffic on Hwy. 1 (the old north-south corridor) to where it is now mostly local traffic.

They should take a page from the Natchitoches or even the Washington, La., playbook and extend their city limits to include the I-49 exit for Powhatan. They could then write tickets to I-49 traffic. If there’s a real problem with motorists speeding through town or being reckless…then by all means tickets are worthy. However, just to raise revenue will create a negative impression of their town. Believe me, JT has heard more than one person say if there were a way to bypass Robeline they would take it.