Just Talkin’ for Sept. 9, 2021


As if Ida didn’t beat up our state enough…so did football teams from across the south in the opening weekend. In our area, thank you Natchitoches Central Chiefs for bringing home a victory. They defeated Woodlawn of Shreveport. St. Mary’s, Lakeview and Northwestern State all lost their season openers….as did LSU and all the other state schools with the exception of Grambling. Natchitoches Central brings us our first home game by hosting Peabody of Alexandria Thursday while St. Mary’s hosts Buckeye Friday. Lakeview and NSU are starting their seasons with back–to-back road games. And on yeah…our Saints are set to take on Green Bay Sunday afternoon. The game will be in Jacksonville because the City of New Orleans has a lot of recovery work ahead. Some folks take football a lot more serious than JT. Already in the college ranks there are talks of “packing parties” for some coaches. That’s a little too early. Let’s wait until we get into league games and see how things work out.


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With that said…JT was reminded of something legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said. “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?


Don’t know if you noticed it or not…it was kind of under the radar. BUT…the Winn Parish Police Jury recently passed a resolution making them a Second Amendment Sanctuary and as such will oppose gun control measures enacted by other governmental bodies. What that means on paper is they are opposed to any measures that would interfere with a persons right to carry a firearm in public. What it “really” means is it’s a shot at Gov. John Bel Edwards and lawmakers for vetoing and then failing to override the veto of a bill that allowed individuals to carry a weapon on them without a concealed gun permit. The value of that resolution is equal to the cost of the paper it was printed on. Zilch. No penalties, no fines and no enforcement. JT believes it’s just a political move because he’s heard one juror has higher aspirations. The only true way to tell is to watch and see who’s doing things for photo ops and press exposure.


JT reads where the fire department rating has improved. That is great news to all who fall under the protection of the fire district. It will save us money and that always makes residents very happy. Who doesn’t like savings? The fire rating directly affects the insurance rating for homeowners…and probably renters as well, but JT owns so he’s more familiar with that. When the fire rating increases, insurance rates should decreasse…emphasis on should. They used to and JT sure hopes they still do. When one lives in an area with a higher fire rating, that means a safer community plus less loss when insurance claims are filed. Now JT is just waiting for those rates to drop as he sends a huge thank you to all the members of the fire department. Their dedication and professionalism not only protect life and property, but help stretch our budgets as well.