Griffin, Tigers defense eager for more success at Menard


Colin Vedros | Times Intern

St. Mary’s football scored big last Friday against Buckeye in a 38-6 win. The Tigers look to capture the same momentum heading into Friday’s away game versus Holy Savior Menard.  Defense was the ace in the hole for St. Mary’s success.

This article published in the Sept. 16, 2021, print edition
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Drake Griffin, sophomore defensive end, drilled through the Buckeye offense with six and a half tackles, followed by Mixon Bankson and Graeme Fidelak with four and a half tackles, with Fidelak nabbing an interception.

Drake Griffin

“I think we played well, we executed our game plan perfectly,” Griffin said. “Everyone knew their role against this particular offense, and we’re looking forward to the challenge next week versus a good Menard team.”

Kolton Norsworthy and Ben Bienvenu also made an impression for the Tigers, with five and a half tackles for Norsworthy and four for Bienvenu.  “I thought our defense played a great game,” head coach Aaron York said. “Apart from the last minute of the ballgame, we shut them out. Our defense played very physical.”

St. Mary’s photo

Offensively, St Mary’s quarterback, Adam Parker, led the way for the Tigers victory, notching 157 yards and throwing two touchdowns through 13 of 23 completions. Running back Jaydyn Jackson rushed for 37 yards on seven carries and caught two receptions for 54 yards and two touchdowns.  Payne Williams remained perfect in special teams, going five for five on extra point attempts and a 38-yard field goal for St. Mary’s. His positive mentality coming from the loss against Abbeville shone through in his performance.

Payne Williams

“I feel like I’ve been focusing on accuracy over distance and it’s caused me to be successful and have more precise kicks and made us better in the kicking game lately,” Williams said. “Hopefully we can keep it rolling versus Menard.”

The last match between the Tigers and the Eagles dates back to the 2008 season, as St. Mary’s lost to Menard 23-8. This season is proving to be different, and coming off of the 38-6win last week, the Tigers are ready for another chance to compete.

St. Mary’s Photo

Menard is coming off a 28-7 loss against Pineville, one that hurt the Eagle offense in a major way. The Eagles picked up 102 rushing yards with 70 passing on offense with seven points, while giving up 164 yards rushing and 119 passing with 28 points for Pineville. Offensively, the Eagles picked up five of 13 third down conversions with five turnovers, all for interceptions.

The stakes are set as the Tigers face off against Eagles this Saturday, Sept 17. in Alexandria.