Just Talkin’ for Sept. 16, 2021


JT’s feathers really got ruffled recently. There isn’t much that makes JT as angry as seeing someone blocking a vehicle with its emergency flashers on. JT was coming into town recently and in his rearview mirror saw a car speeding up behind him with flashers going full blast. JT pulled over to let the car through then only a short distance later caught up to the car, still with flashers going. A pickup truck, a gray GMC to be exact, would not let the car pass.

JT began hearing something and cracked his window a bit. Sure enough, the driver was honking their horn and waving their arms trying to get the pickup driver’s attention. This was obviously an emergency!

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JT followed the car, steadily honking and hugging the yellow line trying to pass. No luck, oncoming traffic couldn’t see the flashers for them to pull over and the pickup never got out of the way. JT wound up following the car until the GMC finally turned left off the Church Street Bridge onto Williams Ave. The car hurried down to the light on Keyser, took a quick left and disappeared.

JT’s curiosity got the best of him so he made a loop by the hospital ER and sure enough, there was the car under the awning. It truly was an emergency. Do drivers just not look behind them at all or just do not care?

JT has always wondered why there aren’t flashers on TOP of a vehicle where oncoming traffic and even traffic ahead and behind a vehicle can see them. Emergency vehicles have their lights on top to be seen. JT just hopes it wasn’t life and death and that the patient was cared for in time. –


A reader told JT over the weekend that his reach must be larger than he realized. Around two weeks ago JT was complaining about the tall grass and how unsightly it was along I-49…especially south of the Mansfield exits. Not a good image to visitors of our area. Well… either it was good timing or powers at be got the message because a large section of I-49 was mowed very recently. A big thank you to whoever was responsible for getting it done. ——-

JT watched the Natchitoches City Council meeting on his phone Monday night and was impressed how Mayor Ronnie Williams moved the debate on the proposed St. Maurice Lane development along so smoothly. Only a couple of times in the nearly two hours of debate, did he hear the gavel used. In the end… the Council voted to accept the recommendation of their Planning and Zoning Commission and rejected the project.


JT doesn’t know if this was a hint from a reader or a contribution? He’ll assume the latter. “Sometimes my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.”


There will be lots of local football this weekend as everyone BUT St. Mary’s will be playing at home. They’ll be close by though…at Menard in Alexandria. Everyone has a win through week two except the Demons who are at home for the first time facing UT Martin. Natchitoches Central is unbeaten in two outings. These teams, students and schools could sure use your support.


One thing JT has noticed…even though it’s only the third week of the season, is how tough both the Southland and SEC are this year. Southland teams have really given some teams from other conferences all they can handle and the SEC is pounding some as well. Just look at Arkansas putting a whipping on Texas, a future SEC foe…and Southeastern giving La. Tech all they could handle and Nichols gave ULL fits. JT heard someone say that Texas wanted to take back their application to join the SEC after the Arkansas game.