That’s a wrap! Humane Society hosts last bath day of the season

Tiny Cunningham, owned by Peyton Cunningham, modeled her new vest and got belly rubs for being so adorable at the NHS Bath Day Sept. 11.

By Hannah Richardson

On Saturday, Sept. 11, the Natchitoches Humane Society (NHS) hosted their last monthly bath day of the year. Several members love to come out and have their pets be pampered while supporting the local humane society and their efforts. During the bath days at the local Tractor Supply, several volunteers and vet techs come together and help out to make these events successful.

On the truck bed filled with donations for the Humane Society are Brooklyn Cagle and Margaret Kilcoyne.
Volunteers greeted pet owners at the bath day at Tractor Supply Sept. 11.
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“Our last two bath days have been wonderful,” said NHS President Juanita Murphy. “The community wants to support us and because we’ve been doing these events for so long. They know that we do a good job and our vet techs are professional and excellent nail clippers.”

On the last bath day, the event provided microchipping services for pets, which helps locate them should they ever be lost. Dr. Kaleigh Bamburg MacQueen volunteered to insert microchips. “It is a relief to know that pet owners that could possibly find their pet missing and would be able to get them back faster if a microchip is detected at a vets office or the city shelter,” said Murphy.

The day after the last bath day, if people ordered at Raising Cane’s and mentioned the NHS, then 15% of their order went to the NHS. Raising Cane’s employees also volunteered to wash dogs at the bath day.

A truck bed also collected and held donations from visitors, and the supplies will go to the NHS’s shelter and rescue facility, Happy Tails.

“The truck was full and we were delighted because that is a large cost to the Humane Society because we have so many animals in our care,” said Murphy. “We depend on the funds raised at the bath days and are so grateful to the community for their support.” Murphy also shared that they are excited to bring back the bath days in 2022, on the second Saturday of every month starting May 14. According to Murphy, the last bath day raised $2,370 for the NHS, including the amount raised for the microchips, which totaled to $665.

The NHS rescues abandoned, neglected and abused animals and provides medical treatment, spaying and neutering, socialization, training and love while they are waiting to be placed in their forever home. Their rescue facility, Happy Tails, is housed on the grounds of the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.