Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Sept. 18, 2021


JT saw a social media post Friday morning about a food truck court opening on South Drive. According to the post, the area across from Trail Boss where the former Motel Louisiane sat, will be where Natchitoches residents and visitors can go for food truck fare – permanently. Funny thing, no one from the news outlets, Mayor, Planning and Zoning and Tax Commission knew a thing about the endeavor. Rhodes Properties and Development, who is connected to the property, was not available for comment before press time.

JT saw the black rock road go in recently and knew something was up, then Friday morning he swung by the location and saw workers marking the property grounds, above, so there may very well be fire where there is smoke concerning the food court. JT is still bumfuzzled as to how no one from the City entities knew anything about it. Those of you who are old enough will appreciate — “Things that make you go hmmm!”


JT isn’t often stopped dead in his tracks…but hoopla surrounding a soon to be released book by Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) left him scratching his head. The book is called “Peril” and is co-written by Robert Costa, a national political writer. It’s about the end of one presidency (Trump) and the beginning of another (Biden). JT was reading about the book and Gen. Mark Miley’s calls to other nations telling them as Trump’s days wound down that they would not be invaded and if so, he would warn them in advance. On face value, that doesn’t sound appropriate…but it’s Washington, D.C., after all. His title is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He was appointed by Trump in 2019 and continues under Biden.

This is where JT was again kind of dumbfounded. Gen. Miley doesn’t command any troops. In a definition of what Miley does…he was described as “the senior uninformed advisor” to the President and Secretary of State. That’s right…”uninformed advisor”. As much as JT likes to read about politics, he’s not sure this book wouldn’t just make him sick.


Remember a few weeks ago the story we had about the financial plight in Powhatan? Powhatan is one of almost 20 cities in the state that have similar issues. Not enough money to operate its utilities and services. However, a deeper dive on those cities by LSU-S Political Science Professor Jeff Sadow pointed out the salary of those towns mayors in relation to their population For example, a couple towns-Bonita, Powhatan and South Mansfield-all have fewer than 400 residents and pay their mayors anywhere from $500 to $600 a month.

That’s small compared to the mayor of Clayton, with 458 residents, taking home $25,447. The one that JT was surprised by was Winnfield’s where the mayor of 4,420 residents is making $84,00 a year. Remember now, some of these cities have been on a “distressed list” by the legislative auditor because they have not had audits in a number of years. JT thinks it’s time the legislature steps in and addresses this issue with salaries. There are already some elected officials paid based on population. It seems to JT, anyway, it’s time to carry that idea a little farther.