Road Report


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

Parish Government Highway Dept., employees performed 284 jobs during August including grading 84 roads and installing 12 culverts according to the report from Director Johnny Salard given at the Parish Council meeting Monday.

This article published in the SEPT. 25, 2021, print edition
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Those 284 jobs cost $220,544 for materials, labor and equipment .

In District 1, there were seven jobs costing of $3,490. Chris Paige represents that district.

In District 2, five jobs totaled $17,738. Patsy Ward-Hoover represents that district.

In District 3, represented by Jim Kilcoyne, four jobs totaled $44,036. The district is in the City limits.

In District 4, represented by Marty Cheatwood, 112 jobs cost $101,140. Of that total, $49,184 was for equipment, $32,8847 was for materials and $19,108 was for labor. There were 86 miles of roads graded.

John Salter represents District 5 in which there were 76 jobs. They cost $103,138 with $62,241 for equipment, $19,403 for materials and $21,493 for labor. There were 54 miles of roads graded.