Just Talkin’ for Aug. 28, 2021


It looks like “Ida” is coming to Louisiana. Early projections are she will have reached hurricane status Friday and hit the Gulf Coast of Louisiana late Sunday or early Monday. Then she’ll linger around our state dumping rain for several more days. JT started Friday to assemble his Cajun Hurricane Supply list…gas for the car and generator, water, batteries, adult beverages and locating his rain gear. JT wishes it wouldn’t hit Louisiana…but that doesn’t appear to be possible. His big hope though is that it avoids Lake Charles. That community has suffered enough storm damage in the last year.


Motel 6

JT heard recently that Natchitoches was among nine communities scheduled to get an electric car charging station. This is thanks to a $19.8 million state share in a government settlement with Volkswagen. The money will be used to establish 82 charging stations across the state. They will be located at eight universities and nine cities, of which Natchitoches is one. (Centenary and LSU-S were the only north Louisiana campuses to make the list.) JT didn’t think we had very many electric cars in Natchitoches, so he searched web sites for charging stations in Natchitoches. Even though he hasn’t seen them….Google says we have two. One is on the Riverfront and the other is near Subway on University Parkway. Neither of which is accurate. So JT got his is ozone layer killing, fuel burning O’Biden mobile and went in search. He only spotted one. It is behind the St. Denis Hotel. Not sure how many each community is in line for…but even it we get only one, someone will certainly boast we’ve doubled our current capacity.


If you didn’t purchase your “forever” stamps…you’re too late. Postage cost for mailing something first class goes up on Sunday. It will now cost 58 cents to mail a letter. Had you mailed it last week, it would have been 55 cents. Did you notice how the new rates came just days before the first of the month when businesses send out their statements? Oh….but there’s more news. Even though it will cost you more, it doesn’t mean your mail will arrive any faster OR on time. If fact, the US Postal Service is actually in line to get an extension on the time they have to deliver a first class letter. It may be called first class and got some preferential treatment in the delivery chain, but soon it’ll be treated as a “second class” citizen.


My how time flies. JT read a headline the other day that said “Hunter Education course mandatory for those under 52.” His first thought was nooooo way was that right. BUT it’s true. If you were born on or after Sept. 1, 1969, you must have completed a hunter’s safety course to get a state-hunting license. JT remembers when the law was put into effect…and it sure doesn’t seem it was THAT long ago.