Just Talkin’ for Sept. 30, 2021


The Car Show, which is happening this weekend, is one of JT’s favorite events. JT sure hopes the rains hold off. He’s been going to the car show for years and has actually shown a vehicle a time or two. Over the years, JT has come to the conclusion it’s a lot better to walk around the car show than to be stuck beside one vehicle most of the day. Visiting with one car show participant the other day, JT was reminded it’s cheaper too. The antique car owner jokingly told JT that it takes a lot of beer to show a car.


Motel 6

JT is happy to see our local calendar of events is beginning to get full again. Visiting with the folks at the Tourist Commission earlier this week, JT learned they have a lot of groups and events on tap for October. We’ve already mentioned the Antique Car Show…but let’s not forget about the Fall Melrose Art and Craft Show. This is a new event and is on tap for next weekend. Also next weekend is the start of the Fall Farmer’s Market. Hopefully, with social distancing and masking, we will be on our way to a great holiday season.


Has anyone seen the geese and ducks? A reader mentioned to JT that they are MIA. JT doesn’t ride up and down Cane River like he used to but he knows they definitely are not downtown. If you ask JT, they are probable one of our best tourist attractions.


JT…like many of you… is really concerned about the gun violence all around us. Curfews, prayer vigils and increased patrols are all much-admired moves but even those in law enforcement don’t think they are gonna make a big dent. After all… those responsible for these actions are not going to follow a curfew nor will you find them on a pew in front of you Sunday morning. Jail does not deter these individuals. One criminal justice veteran told JT the real solution starts at the home. Parental involvement, family guidance and the teaching of Christian values should begin at an early age. Outside of that…they told JT swift and an equal fate would make someone think twice. But if you want to hold a day of prayer…they’ll be there.


JT sees where there will be a special called meeting Thursday (today) by the Parish Council. It’s by teleconference so everyone can listen in. They’re discussing a dozer, and the specs are available at NatchitochesTimes.com, but there is also an item on the agenda for Parish Council secretary Sheryl Frederick to temporarily sit at the head of Planning and Zoning. She’ll be compensated an additional $800 monthly. JT is not a fortune teller, but he sees the council in six months saying she’s doing such a good job that we should make her permanent. She’ll be filling in for David Kees who is moving out of state for other opportunities. JT’s question is, will the two positions, parish secretary and planning and zoning director, be combined if Frederick is retained after the interim period?


Crows on the Cane and the Pumpkin Glow are also two of JT’s favorite fall events. He is stunned and amazed at the creative and artistic talents of this community. Anyone can participate and looking back on the past couple of years, the Crows have become pretty competitive. JT hopes they continue to pull out all the stops and give passersby something else to enjoy in the downtown area.