Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 2, 2021


If you think the sate department of education isn’t poltical….just look what Cade Brumley, their leader, did this week.

In a move to get the Covid protocols off the state’s back…he said that decision would now be made locally at the school district level and parents “were empowered” to decide if their children quarantined. There’s no question many are guarantied multiple times and it does create problems academically. However, JT has heard of times students were sent home (multiple times even) under quarantine because someone in their class was positive for COVID.

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JT thought we wanted kids in school…isn’t that why we have truancy laws. Not to mention, there’s a large number of homes where there is no supervision. We see the statistics when children are unsupervised. The state department of education should be trying to find ways to keep these students in the classroom and learning. Instead, they tell the local system to decide what rules they want to follow.


Just in case you didn’t see it…the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s office is putting littering on their radar. The story wasn’t real specific about what they are looking for…but that’s a good thing in a way. In JTs travels around the parish roads, he’s noticed quite a few dump piles along the highways. It seems people just decide to not use the dump sites established by the parish, but to make their own when no one seems to be looking. Just the fact the public knows they are on the lookout might deter someone.


JT loves our “Echoes of Cane River.” That’s basically photos from the past. But one this past week was a little confusing. It was of Front Street showing the Roque House on the riverbank with the old Ford Motor Company (now St. Denis Place Condos) in the background. The caption under the photo said circa 1940’s… which didn’t make sense. JT remembers the Roque House being moved to the Riverbank around 1967 from down Cane River near Isle Brevillle.

The original structure was built in the late 1790s. The other indication the dates might have been off was the horse and carriage in the background. JT wasn’t here in the 40’s, but doesn’t recall the carriage rides until much, much later.