Letter to the Editor: Patsy Hoover


Dear Editor:

As a Parish Council member, I am disturbed at the actions of Parish President John Richmond. The Parish was functioning without a president Oct. 4-8. The Parish President left the Parish Treasurer in charge, but she’s also out of town in Baton Rouge so there’s no one to help with questions during this time.

There were two employees hired on Monday, Oct. 4 and Planning and Zoning Director David Kees left Parish employment Oct. 5. On Oct. 6, I was in the Parish Clerk’s office getting her to help with a Council matter. The new employee had a question that she didn’t know what to do and she came to ask the clerk for help.

This letter published in the Oct. 9, 2021, print edition.

The two new employees are on their own. They were left without having and kind of help or supervision since they are new to this office. This not a positive experienced faced by the Parish. The Parish President is on vacation during this time.

This has been a pattern for him during a time of need for assistance in the Parish. This type of situation has occurred before.

Council Member Patsy Ward-Hoover, District 2