Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 9, 2021


Next week, JT understands the Northwestern Presidential search committee will be meeting in Baton Rouge to review applicants and establish semi-finalists. The rumor mill is that the pot is not overflowing with candidates for the 20th President of the University. Dr. Chris Maggio retired June 30 of this year and Dr. Marcus Jones, who has close ties to NSU, has been serving in the interim.

Dr. Jones, who has been Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the University of Louisiana system, appears to be a shoe-in should he want the post. But, as you know, this is Louisiana and all things have a political twist. JT still recalls the time many went to bed the day before announcing a new president for NSU in 1977 thinking Dr. Richard Galloway would be named the next day, only to wake up and find out the Governor had selected his cousin, Dr. Rene Bienvenu to succeed Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick as NSU’s president.

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No JT wasn’t drunk when he said Homecoming for NSU was this weekend. There are just some things that have to be attributed to “old age”, “senior moment”, or just being careless. The Demons homecoming is not until Oct. 23. Guess JT was looking so forward to all the events he wanted it NOW. So sorry for the mess-up. Now you have more time to spend at the Melrose Fall Folk Arts Festival this weekend.


The spotlight, for most of the next four months or so, will be on re-districting. That’s where political boundaries are drawn for every elected office in the state from the local to the federal level. JT read where there’s a sort of “road show” of meetings around the state to receive public input. The state reapportionment committee has set nine-city meetings in three months for comments. They start on Oct. 20 in Monroe and end Jan. 20 at the State Capitol. Most of those meetings will be held at university sites. Unfortunately, Northwester-Natchitoches is not among them. Local residents can go to LSU-S on Oct. 21 or LSU-A on Nov. 9. Both meeting are from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

A special session is scheduled for February where the entire legislature will approve the re-drawn districts. Most of this is done behind the scenes…but JT still anticipates quite a bit of shouting as the plan is developed. It’s a dream….but it sure would be nice if Natchitoches Parish could return to just one Senator and one Representative looking out for us.