Just Talkin’ for Oct. 14, 2021


JT was reading between the lines of legal jargon over the Glendale Subdivision suit against the city. It appears they filed two suits around the same time, one in local court and one in federal court. From what JT can surmise, the real issue for the developers is…getting some of their investor’s money back they‘ve already spent.


Motel 6

On a side note…one of the things JT has noticed that is missing with this new council and staff is the history of our town. People with long standing knowledge of the operation and actions of the city …the backstory they call it… simply are not there to explain what’s been done in previous situations. We saw it happen years ago when we put term limits on our legislators.


Football has been the talk of the town in recent days. The undefeated Natchitoches Central Chiefs have a huge district game at Captain Shreve this week. They’ll face the Captain Shreve Gators, also undefeated. NSU came away with their first win of the season last weekend with a nail biter over Houston Baptist. It went down to the wire but NSU came out on top 21-17. They’ll now be at home this week against McNeese in a 3 p.m. contest and host Southeastern in Homecoming on the 23rd. Aside from Texas A&M beating Alabama, most of the SEC talk is when will LSU tell Coach O to “geaux.”

JT knows it’s got to weigh on the entire football team and staff. While no one likes the idea of being fired, JT’s not sure Coach O is giving it much thought. Reportedly, it’ll cost LSU around $20 million to buy out his contract. The Tigers are 3-3 and with six games left, many believe they’ll get maybe only one more win this season. That would be when they face ULM on Nov. 20. (But that’s not a given.) However, they’ll probably finish the SEC with a 1-7 record.


JT read where the state is ending the just completed fiscal year with a $1 billion surplus. Most of that surplus is due to stimulus money from the federal government and a better economic revenue recovery than anticipated. After legislative mandates are taken out, the state will have around $450 million at their discretion.

Reportedly, the money will go into costal restoration projects, deferred maintenance projects at universities around the state and on the backlog of repairs to roads and bridges. All three areas are well deserving of attention. Let’s just hope the money makes it to those areas and is not hijacked by lawmakers for pet projects.


Just saying…… JT was talking with someone the other day and they said people are saying if Donald Trump was re-elected President it would be all about revenge. Then they asked? Isn’t that what Joe O’Biden is doing by reversing all of Trump’s executive orders and policies?