NPD arrests as of Oct. 14, 2021

This article published in the OCT. 16, 2021, print edition

Ouncre Jones, b/m, 45, theft

Jerica Kelly, b/m, 28, aggravated flight and two headlamps required

Raven Phillips, b/f, 23, simple possession of marijuana

Lance Taylor, m, 34, criminal mischief

Danny Lacaze, w/m, Belmont, illegal discharge of firearm, disturbing the peace.

Cameron Berryman, b/m, 18, simple burglary, resisting

Donald Scott, b/m, 23, domestic abuse battery, contempt of court


Coronda Thomas, b/f, 36, aggravated 2nd degree battery, 2 counts failure to appear

Gavyn A. Anderson, w/m, 18, simple criminal damage to property

Perry Willis, b/m, 344, reckless operation, aggravated flight, unauthorized entry.


Kendrick Newton, b/m, 34, telephone harassment

Andie Sowell, b/m, 40, simple possession

Erica Willis, b/m, 34, resisting, possession of sch. I w/intent

Shantell Collins, b/m, 40, false imprisonment, disturbing the peace, resisting, domestic abuse child endangerment

Christopher Cousins, w/m, 37, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, aggravated flight from an officer, misuse of horn, stop sign, general speed law, 2 counts passing within 100 feet of intersection, passing on left, driving left of center.

John Darwin, b/m, 31, first degree vehicular homicide, DWI-1st, battery on an officer, resisting, interfering with medical treatment, no driver’s license.

Coronda Thomas, b/f, 36, 2 counts FTA

Stacy Reeves w/f, 55, theft

Keith Young Jr., b/m, 47, Houston, Texas, DWI-1st offense

Latatyanna Demars, b/f, 25, simple arson

Kyasia McMillon, b/f, 20, disturbing the peace by fighting

Jean Montgomery, b/f, 20, disturbing the peace by fighting.

Julius Washington, b/m, 19, theft, resisting by false name

Samantha Holden, b/f, 34, theft, misrepresentation during booking


Brian McMillian, b/m, 46, remaining


Miaijha Sibley, b/f, 20, home invasion, simple criminal damage to property, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Callisia Mitchell, b/f, 21, improper supervision of a minor

Sierra Newton, b/f, 21, simple damage to property, contributing to delinquency of a minor


Billy Ray Smith, b/m, 37, FTA


Chris Miller, w/m, 20, third degree rape

Mazebra McIntosh, b/f, 39, simple battery.