Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 23, 2021


Just a few weeks ago JT mentioned the state was ending their fiscal year with a $1 billion surplus. While lots of leaders are claiming credit about the good job they’ve done…the surplus is actually attributed to the massive amount of money the state received from various forms of Covid stimulus. Knowing there’s money left over, the fight has already started for a piece of the pie. One such group is the Board of Regents who is seeking an almost 20 percent increase over last year’s budget. They want $220 million more than last year. That’s on top of the $97 million they got over the previous year’s budget and hundreds of millions of dollars in federal pandemic aid. Their budget last year was $1.17 billion and that doesn’t include the stimulus money… a lot of which they put not on infrastructure or staffing, but on students’ debt to them. JT thinks a wiser investment would be to send that $220 million to the state’s rural parishes to fix roads and bridges. For once they should take a priority; especially over the metroplitatian areas and special interest requests.


Premium Pawn gun transfers

JT hears some rumors that Elio Motors might be trying to make a comeback. You remember them. They were going to produce a three-wheel vehicle for $7,000 at the old GM plant in Shreveport. They took millions in deposits but never delivered the first vehicle. In addition, they allegedly sold off some of the old equipment at the plant. Now it appears they are trying to market the same style vehicle… they didn’t produce… but as an electric version. Instead of $7,000 they are pricing the new version at $15,000. Don’t think that $1,000 deposit people had to put down for the first model will go to the newer version….that’s already been spent from JT has read. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens… and JT’s not so sure Shreveport is excited to see them return.


JT is in a quandary over the vaccinations shots. He normally gets the flu shot this time of year but hasn’t done so yet. Then there are all these booster shots. Does he get the same shot he took the first round or does he mix boosters? Or does he skip the booster cause the first series seemed to do the trick? JT read where you are fully immunized if you received the two doses of Pfizer or Moderna or the single dose of J&J. JT knows some who have already had the booster and most of them said they felt horrible for about 48 hours after the shot. Since he’s not in one of the at-risk categories… he’ll probably do what he does best… procrastinate.