Abrupt ending gives No. 8 Red River a 42-6 victory over Lakeview


Colin Vedros | Times Intern

Lakeview High varsity football played No. 8 Red River in a Class 2A District 3 match on Friday, Oct 15. The Bulldogs’ homecoming game ended with a 42-6 Red River win after everyone was asked to leave the stadium. The Bulldogs started early, throwing a 61-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Antron Williams for a six point lead. This was followed by a 17-yard run from quarterback Zintayvious Smith, and the Gators were left struggling out the gate.

This article published in the Oct. 28, 2021, print edition
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A 14-yard run by D’evin McDonald, along with a punt return for a touchdown by Stanley Maxie, started things in the right spot for Red River in the second quarter. It was Smith again with another 14-yard run to put the Bulldogs in field goal range. Smith handed off the ball to score a 4-yard touchdown run late in the second. Smith’s 24-yard touchdown pass to D’evin McDonald would seal Red River’s first half to 35-6.

It was during the third quarter that things started to get fishy. With 3:41 left, fans, coaches and athletes fled the stadium in a panic, forcing the game to stop with the score of 42-6 with Red River winning. At 9:08 p.m., Red River High’s athletic director Norman Picou made the announcement on the PA system that all remaining fans were to clear the stadium immediately.

Red River Parish Schools released the following statement after the incident: “In response to the incident at the football game at Pat Strother Stadium against Lakeview. Red River Parish Schools can 100% guarantee that there was no gun or gunshots at the stadium. We have reviewed security cameras and confirmed that there were no shots fired and no gun. It was a panic created by a group of spectators. Red River Parish Schools would like to thank the Red River Parish Sheriff’s deputies and Coushatta City police for their quick response to ensure that our students and fans were safe and secure.”

Lakeview will head to Winnfield in their next Class 2A District 3 match on Frday., Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.