Healthy Fare for Health Fest

Clockwise from left are Mallie Harris, Taylor Stewart, Tatum Guin, D’Anthony Dorsey, London Reliford, Amari Owens, Martavius McNeal, Sarpy and Zechariah Hall.

Fairview Alpha second graders were whipping up healthy foods and snacks at the NSU Health Fest Tuesday, Nov. 2. The students utilized their mobile kitchen purchased through Project 212. The menu included ants on a log, above, tortilla wraps, vegetable soup and fruit and yogurt cups. Teacher Frances Sarpy said most of the foods they prepare are no cook, so the kids are safe and it is also something they can prepare at home for themselves. The event was an enrichment activity for their social living curriculum that also incorporates math, in measuring, and science.

Photos by Juanice Gray

Second grader Mallie Harris is all smiles as she prepares ants on a log. Harris said she is learning to make snacks for herself and her little brother, but the best part of the program is, “You get to cook and do something nice for other people.”
Taylor Stewart mixes a concoction for ants on a log. The Lil’ Demons aprons worn by the students were provided by NSU.
Zechariah Hall shows off a completed bite sized ants on a log treat. He cut celery sticks, helped mix the cream cheese filling and sprinkled sunflower kernels on top for a tasty, healthy treat.
Tatum Guin takes his turn at stirring the cream cheese mixture. The mobile kitchen the students use is supplied with utensils, cutting boards, safety knives, blenders, an oven, cooktop, working sink and more. It is used as an enrichment tool for the social living curriculum in second grade.