21 building permits issued in October


The valuation of 21 building permits issued during October by the City of Natchitoches Planning and Zoning Department totaled $405,365 according to the report issued by Director Shontrell Roque.

The valuation is down considerably compared to September that totaled just over $2 million. That number was up because of large permits issued for work at Parc Natchitoches and a $1.2 million permit issued to the Natchitoches Parish School Board for work at L.P. Vaughn and Natchitoches Magnet School.

In October, permits and their valuations were issued to:

•Messina Investments LLC, 409 Keyser, Raising Cane’s, commercial HVAC and repairs, $31,348

•John M. Antoon, 5903 Hwy. 1 Bypass, Antoon’s Package Liquor, commercial carport cover addition, $21,650

•Bonnie A. Southerland, 114 Aloys Circle, residential addition and alterations, $9,000

•John H. Speir Jr., 106 Bucktail, residential electrical, $9,550

•Aaron D. Johnson, 401 Parkway, residential addition and alterations, $57,500

•Jesse G. Carroll, 1901 Nolley, residential roof, $12,000

•Andrew Cofield Jr., 1302 Lake, residential electrical, $2,500

•Bank of Montgomery, 4157 University Parkway, commercial addition and alteration, $25,000

•Jason W. Church, 1510 Barclay, residential pool, $53,500

•Roland Dobson, Weyerhaeuser, 5810 Hwy. 1 Bypass, commercial addition and alteration, office building, $110,000

•James Smith, 1815 South Drive, residential electrical, $1,200

•Michael D’Egidio, 320 Keyser, Starbucks, commercial sign application, $9,600

•Nat-Sand Realty LLC, 929 Keyser, Rainbow retail store, commercial sign application, $6,000

•Rachelle Walker, 609 Royal, residential alterations, $40,279

•Broadmoor Shopping Center Inc., corner of Williams and Keyser, commercial additions and alterations, $10,000

•Lakeview II Apartments, 200 Lakeview, commercial electrical, $500

•Charles Whitehead Jr., 414 Parkway, residential demolition; $1,000

•Ida Moore, 238 Scarborough, residential electrical, $400

•Ethel M. Rachal, 520 Keegan, residential addition and repair, $4,338