Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Nov. 6, 2021


JT saw some activity at the former Nexgen location on the corner of Williams and Keyser. The green skins are gone and it appears there are renovations going on inside. JT saw a building permit for that location for an oven hood. A few calls later and he learned there could possibly a Wing’ D It Literally coming to that location. JT assumes that is a chicken wing restaurant and his mouth is watering already.

With just a few games left for Northwestern State this season..a season that can’t end soon enough…the status of the Southland Conference is really murky. McNeese reportedly is under discussions to leave the conference and join former Southland teams Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Austin, Lamar and Abilene Christian in the Western Athletic Conference. Another Southland member, Incarnate Word, is also trying to join the WAC while Central Arkansas (another former Southland member) has left for the ASUN conference. With six teams leaving the conference that leaves only Southeastern, Northwestern and Houston Baptist.

However, the Southland has picked up East Texas State. There is one hitch to the WAC though. They want to move up to FBS level….which means a team would have to average 15,000 in attendance each game over a two-year period. That’s a mark that none of the schools, current or former Southland members, come close to….without the help of an LSU, SEC school or other major player. Not sure what’s going to happen…we’ll just have to wait till the dust settles on all this. Looking on the bright side….all the teams that are leaving the Southland have also beaten us on the gridiron.


By the way…Demon Basketball arrives next week with both the men and women kicking off their seasons. The Lady Demons host Centenary College Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. while Coach Mike will have his squad at Oklahoma Tuesday and Tulsa on Wednesday. The first time both teams will be at home is Saturday, Nov. 13. The Lady Demons will face Texas A&M at Texarkana at 5:30 p.m. and the men will face Champion Christian College after that.


JT hears where Louisiana College is proposing to change their name to Louisiana Christian College. They’ve always been a Christian based college and this just puts in their name. Perhaps that’s why people in the Alexandria-Pineville area refer to it as “Holy Hill.” It apparently caught a lot of people off guard, from alumni to their governing group, the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

The Convention is expected to vote on the name change in few weeks. JT will follow with interest on how this change is accepted. He recalls a lot of the alumni revolted when LC dropped football years ago and tore up the football field. Football finally returned…but not all of the alumni did. Name changes don’t really mean much to the general public. ULM is still Northeast, ULL is still Southwestern and Meta is still Facebook.


It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. JT has noticed city crews are really putting in the hours getting the lights and displays up…and testing them out…in the downtown area. Believe it or not…we’re only two weeks away from Turn On the Lights festivities. Families, friends and party crashers will be here before you know it.


JT has to find a new stash for getting his frozen meat pies. Of course you can always go to Lasyone’s…that is the official Natchitoches Meat Pie. There’s still some debate over how the other ones rate…the Natchitoches Meat Pie Company out of Coushatta, Mrs. Wheat’s (a former Natchitoches resident) from New Orleans or those made by the residents down Cane River. Come to think about it…JT hasn’t tasted a bad meat pie in town. The holidays are meat pie season for JT and he usually has an abundant supply for visitors.


JT is feeling the pain at the gas pumps along with every other American. He filled up, and it took the better part of a Benjamin to do so. Gas prices are raging…and the fingers are pointing. JT saw at one pump in town a sticker of O’Biden pointing to the gas price per gallon on the pump with the words “I did this.” Agree or not, prices have skyrocketed since he took office.

That makes JT think about the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement. For those whom don’t know, a race car driver named Brandon won a race. During his after race interview, the crowd in the stands began chanting a derogatory phrase, “—- you Biden.” The reporter, either in an effort to conceal the vulgarity, or because she honestly misunderstood, commented the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.” The phrase has blown through social media and there is even merchandise available. JT saw a couple folks around town wearing those T-shirts.