LSMSA honors parents, faculty and staff in virtual Veterans Day presentation 


 The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) is honoring 17 veterans in a virtual Veterans Day presentation. LSMSA faculty and staff were invited to submit information if they or their spouses served in the military, and students whose parents have served were invited to submit details. Those honored include:

Current LSMSA Faculty

  • Motel 6

    David Andersen, Navy E4 3rd Class Petty Officer

  • Dr. Morris Tichenor, Navy Lieutenant

Current LSMSA Staff

  • Jackie Jacoby, Army E4/Specialist

  • Henry Llorence, Jr., Army E4

  • Bridget L. Payne, Retired Army SFC and spouse Louis S. Payne, Retired Army SFC

  • Kelvin Samuel, Army Specialist (E4)

Parents of current LSMSA students

  • Sunny Rae Bertrand, Marine Corp E-5 Sergeant, parent of Rainy Bertrand

  • Kerrie Nettleton Boudreaux, Air Force E4 Senior Airman, parent of Katherine Frazier

  • Lloyd Bernard Frazier, Air Force E7 Master Sergeant, parent of Katherine Frazier

  • Christopher David Gillett, Army Specialist (E4), parent of Joshua Gillett

  • Charles D. Huddleston, Army Lieutenant Colonel, parent of Abigail Huddleston

  • Nathan Shae LaRue, Marine Corp Sergeant, parent of Rainy Bertrand

  • Mark Osborn Melder, Marine Corp Corporal, parent of Griffin McFarland

  • Toby M. Naquin, Marine Corp Sergeant, parent of Kyler Naquin

  • Scott Ray Sittner, Army SSG, parent of Justice Sittner

“Honoring veterans is such a special tradition for LSMSA students, faculty and staff,” said Steve Horton, Executive Director of LSMSA. “Although we made the decision to do a virtual presentation this year, this important sentiment remains: we appreciate the sacrifice of everyone who has selflessly served our country to protect our freedom.”


Watch the 2021 Louisiana School Veterans’ Day celebration here. For more information about LSMSA, please visit