COMM4230 class to Release NSyou Magazine Nov. 18


Natchitoches, LA- After a semester of writing intimate and engaging stories, making video podcasts, and designing a magazine from scratch, students in Professor Melody Gilbert’s COMM4230 class are ready to share NSyou Magazine with the NSU community and beyond.

On Thursday, Nov.18 from 9:30-11am, students in the class will be handing out the print version of the magazine and donuts in the Student Union. Also on Thursday, the digital version will be available to the public to view from anywhere in the world at (or see QR code below).

The magazine’s tagline, “Before, Between, and Beyond the Columns” describes how the stories take place at different times in relation to the students’ journeys at NSU. The stories cover emotional topics such as mental health, family emergencies and roommates. In addition to the stories, the magazine’s photography, design, social media and website were produced entirely by the students from concept to completion in one semester.

“It’s really exciting to see everything come together,” said Leanna Coy, one of the magazine’s managing editors. “Our stories are unique and unfiltered.”

Professor Melody Gilbert said she’s proud of the students for what they have accomplished in just 15 weeks. “They opened their hearts and souls to share very personal stories and I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did,” Gilbert said.

The students were also coached by guest editor and NSU graduate (‘77) Denise Lewis Patrick. “There’s a lot of talent in this group, and it was an enlightening experience to see through their work what’s really on the minds of NSU students today,” Patrick said. “Speaking with them about their professional plans gave me a chance to understand how much the department has grown.”

COMM4230 is a course offered in the Department of New Media, Journalism and Communication Arts. Students in the class include Caroline Bland, Leanna Coy, Mekayla Jenkins, Ethan Lachney, Lora Luquet, Anna McMillon, Ali Robichaux and James Stanfield.