Cases heard in District Court


Oct. 26
DAVIS, JAMES A, b/m, 61, simple burglary; sentenced to four years with La. Dept. of Corrections (DOC), suspended, placed on 3 years supervised probation through the 10th Judicial District Drug Court program. Ordered to pay $930 in fines and fees plus $26 monthly supervision fee.

This article published in the NOV. 13, 2021, print edition

METOYER, KAYLA MONIQUE, b/f, simple criminal damage to property and Disturbing the Peace; dismissed after claimant dropped charges.


KILLINGSWORTH, ROYCE, JR., 47, w/m, possession of drug paraphernalia, second or subsequent offenses, flight from an officer; pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and simple battery, other charges dismissed. Sentenced to 45 days in parish jail plus 10 days in parish jail, to run concurrent.

Oct. 27


JORDAN, CODY DEWAYNE, w/m, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, theft; dismissed at complainant’s request to dismiss.

LACOUR, STEPHANIE A., b/f, run stop sign, improper lane usage, texting while driving, open container; all charges dismissed after completing DA’s Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI).

Oct. 27

SMITH, WESLEY M., w/m, abuse prevention order, violation of protective order; Dismissed after investigation, review and hearings.