911 Center taking steps to accommodate hearing impaired callers


The Communications District 9-1-1 Center has taken steps to accommodate hearing-impaired callers. At the Oct. 19 commission meeting, Bernice Wallace talked about a call from someone in the Clerk of Court’s Office asking about how hearing-impaired people could access 9-1-1 for help

This article published in the NOV. 25, 2021, print edition

. The caller knew someone who was hearing impaired and could not speak to dispatchers about emergencies. Director Kim Tolliver informed NPD Supervisor Christine Stackhouse about a cell phone app to assist hearing impaired people and Stackhouse and Brenda Henderson and Kim Green agreed to test the app after a mini-training session. Stackhouse visited the home of the hearing impaired woman and showed her how to set the app up on her phone. The commission commended Stackhouse, Henderson and Green for their action. During August and September, the addressing office processed 17 new residence addresses. That resulted in 613 miles of travel and 29 hours of personnel time to conduct site surveys and collect GPS data. There were orders for six road signs and three nameplates.

Motel 6

The call volume at the Call Center was as follows:

•NPSO: August 1,925; September 1,807

•NPD: August 432; September 395

•Sheriff’s Office total for August 7,063; September 7,029

•NPD Office for August 4,988, September 5,145 The budget committee met Oct. 11 and discussed decreases in wire line revenue and ways to audit cell phone companies to insure they are remitting the correct amount. The commission passed motions to order UPS batteries for NATCOM at a cost of $6,400; and accept the amended 2021 budget and 2022 budget. Tolliver said she began developing amendments to the current budget and outline of the 2022 budget in September.

Other miscellaneous items included:

•Parish President John Richmond was elected vice chairman.

•Commissioner Calvin Braxton was elected budget sub-committee chairman.

•The records officer name was changed from Willis Carter to Kim Tolliver.

•Money has been budgeted for a new vehicle when it is needed.

•Tolliver will attend a meeting of the APCO-NENA in Baton Rouge.

•The City will cut the grass at the call center.

•Richmond said he was accepting applications for a medical board representative.

Commissioners present were Braxton, Richmond, Nikeo Collins, Mary Jones, Chris Paige, John Wynn and Stuart Wright.