College Interrupted


Leanna Coy

Eight months into the pandemic and two weeks after my 21st birthday, I was sitting in my college apartment feeling stressed and watching How I Met Your Mother to relax.

My phone rang and I saw it was my dad, so I paused my show to answer. He was on his way to Texas on his motorcycle for the weekend, so I knew he’d be calling me as soon as he made it.

“Hello,” I said.

“Do you know a Dan Coy?!” a woman’s voice frantically asked.

My heart stopped and I jumped up. “That’s my dad,” I said.

“He’s been in a wreck.”

My roommate, Skyler Martignetti, had just gotten home about 10 minutes prior. “I’ll drive!” she insisted. I stayed on the phone with the complete stranger who was with my dad as she told me everything that was happening. About five other strangers had stopped at the scene to pray as my dad laid out in the highway. He was practically unconscious, but the stranger held the phone up as I cried….

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