Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Dec. 4, 2021


While the frenzy of new head football coaches is sweeping the nation…NSU’s Coach Brad Laird is getting a reprieve. Thanks to COIVD, a new President at Northwestern and NSU about to begin their search for a new Athletic Director, Laird gets a one-year extension. He’ll be on the NSU sidelines through the 2020 season. The Demons were 3-8 last year and 3-5 in Southland Conference.

It looks like the Conference will be together for at least another couple of years now that McNeese has decided to stay put. As we’ve seen with other colleges….the Athletic Director likes to bring in his or her own hires. Look no further than La Tech who ousted Skip Holtz after a disappointing season. (Never mind he won six of seven bowl games in his nine-year tenure…there’s a new AD in town.) It’s almost like every coach in every sport is on probation while the new AD get’s oriented.

Motel 6

There’s an old saying when change in leadership takes place… “A new broom sweeps clean.” That’s certainly the case in college athletics.


In a recent column, former Louisiana legislator, Secretary of State and Commissioner of Insurance Jim Brown questions if gambling is Louisiana’s new economic savior. He makes an interesting point with the abundance of opportunities via truck stops, casinos, off track betting parlors, lottery cards and now websites to place bets. However, the same can be said about Louisiana being a “disaster” based economy. Each tornado, hurricane or tropical storm is an economic boom for us.

Federal dollars flow in and the construction industry hits a jackpot. And this happens a lot. While we have no control over the events of Mother Nature, we can and should take measures to limit the “get rich quick” chances we are throwing at our citizens. Let’s not forget we are among a handful of states with the highest poverty rates in the nation.

While JT agrees with Mr. Brown that Louisiana has a lot more than gambling to offer he doesn’t place any blame on former Saints quarterback Drew Brees for hawking a new casino in Slidell. Brown suggested Brees could help the state in a more progressive way. Guess what Jim! So could the Manning family, who are in commercials pushing on-line gambling.


JT hears they are down to the last couple of sessions on the state road trip about reapportionment. He’s told every district in the Louisiana House and Senate will be tweaked. The real battle though is the two Congressional Districts in North Louisiana. Because of huge population drops there is serious …and logical…consideration for just one North Louisiana Congressional district covering from Shreveport to Monroe to Alexandria.

The scuttlebutt is some group will undoubtedly challenge the reapportionment plan in the courts even if it passes Gov. John Bel Edwards approval. A special session is set for February in the Legislature just to address reapportionment. That’s when the screaming will become public…right now it’s just behind the scenes.