30 members of seven churches distribute shoeboxes


Brenda Ingram

First Baptist Church of Natchitoches had a group of 30 people from seven churches to work 10 hours this week at the Dallas Processing Center for Operation Christmas Child.

This article published in the Dec. 11, 2021, print edition
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Lots of shoeboxes were processed from Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas and Louisiana.  Each shoebox was processed by the following: removing shipping money and placing it in a locked box, removing inappropriate items (candy, liquids and toothpaste), removing labels and placing at the end of each shoebox (due to taping shoebox completely shut around the middle), scanning the Follow the Box label, categorizing and packing shoeboxes according to sex and age and praying for each box.

The Processing Center opened Nov. 21 and will stay open until Dec. 18. The Center processes shoeboxes six days a week for 12 hours each day. By Nov. 7, 634,320 shoeboxes had been processed at this center. Dallas Processing Center’s goal is to process one million shoeboxes this year. There are eight processing centers in the United States.

The shoeboxes were sent to Ecuador, Uganda, Ghana and Chile during the time the Natchitoches group was processing.  Many of the children in these countries have never received a gift, nor have they heard the Gospel. The Gospel is shared at each distribution.

Each child receives a book with the Gospel in their language and each child is invited to attend The Greatest Journey, 12 lessons about the Gospel. Millions of children come to know Jesus as their personal Savior, many families learn about Jesus and many churches are formed because of this ministry.

It is never too early to begin packing shoeboxes for 2022. Pack shoeboxes as an individual or with your churches, business, groups, organizations, sorority or fraternity, friends and families.

For more information on Samaritan’s Purse call Pansy Morgan, Area Coordinator, at  352-6233 or Brenda Ingram, Logistics Coordinator, at 461-9415.