Just Talkin’ for Dec. 9, 2021


JT sees the school district performance scores are out and the parish is only down 1.5 points. That is not so bad in JT’s opinion. It just goes to show that in person learning is more effective than online, especially in K-12 where kids need that immediate feedback and socialization.

It also goes to show another thing….everything, literally everything from funding to resources…should NOT rely on test scores. The state threw out the scoring last year due to the pandemic and lo and behold the kids in school actually had the opportunity to learn without having their entire education based on a test. JT understands testing to provide benchmarks, but not testing to determine education.


JT hears the Christmas Festival was a resounding success and the return of the Christmas Parade was a big reason. He was running errands Saturday around lunchtime and noticed the line of people crossing the Church Street Bridge was about 20 deep. He turned onto Keyser Avenue and saw the parking lots at Piggly Wiggly and Super One were jam-packed.

JT can’t recall seeing both lots completely full. While the crowd downtown town seemed to be as big as ever, JT heard from one local resident who said downtown was just one of many vantage points to see the fireworks. They told JT they live in East Natchitoches and ran to the grocery store for an item about the time the fireworks began.

As they navigated their way home, around blocked roads and such, JT was told of cars parked in the middle of streets and residents standing in their front yards watching the fireworks display. Some folks had even pulled onto the shoulder of I-49 to watch our fireworks. Nothing beats the shoulder-to-shoulder interaction on Front Street and the chorus of oohs and aahs though. ——-

There’s usually never a good reason to get into a situation that results in hand-to-hand combat. Sometimes the reasons for getting into a fight are as amusing as the ones not to fight. But JT heard a reason for avoiding a fight the other day that he just fell in love with. In a confrontation between two women, one told the other she wasn’t going to fight her because she just had her hair done!


The above item brought back memories of an incident JT and Mike Hayes found themselves in many years ago. But that’s a story for another day and depending upon who you’re talking to the story isn’t always repeated the same. Although it does get better each time it’s told.


JT gets a good laugh out of nicknames some politicians get assigned. Just this week, a state opinion writer referred to Fifth Congressional District Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell as “Banana” Foster. JT’s not sure if Campbell is just trying to keep himself before the public …so they don’t forget about him…by spouting off on subjects not germain to his position with the state or if he’s really unhinged.

Most recently he was critical of the new LSU coach’s salary package and how the money should be directed at education. This past summer, he authored a piece on global warming. Campbell is a seasoned politician; nearly 50 consecutive years holding a public office, so there is a motive behind his actions.


This caught JT’s eye …

Worth a Shot?

A 50-year-old dentist in Italy has been busted for using a fake arm to try and get a vaccination card. The nurse says she wasn’t fooled when the man presented his phony limb for a shot. Nurse Filippa Bua told a local newspaper: “When I uncovered the arm, I felt skin that was cold and gummy, and the color was too light.” The dentist now faces criminal charges.