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Audrey Cason shows how a few simple changes can make a tablescape go from ho-hum to holiday festive. “My daughter-in-law FaceTimed me to help her rearrange her centerpiece… I just helped her with placement. Bring the arrangement in closer and go from taller to smaller.”

Juanice Gray

Decorator Audrey Cason of Coushatta provides tips to take your holiday decorating from plain to spectacular with just a few changes.

Cason found she had a natural flair for decorating when family and friends would comment on her hidden talent when they saw her home decorated for events and holidays.

This article published in the Dec. 11, 2021, print edition

“I didn’t know I had an eye for it,” she said. “I just know when things look a little…off. My family always makes fun of me and just say, ‘Mom will just come over and redo it!’”

She says placement is a huge factor in centerpieces. “Bring in the arrangement closer and go from taller to smaller,” she advises.

Simple touches like adding colorful candles to make other colors pop and placing florals and greenery will accent arrangements.

On the flip side, for those who tend to want everything they own displayed, one has to edit. For Christmas decorating she utilizes small trees and says with that type of item, odd numbers work well.

If you have an entry table, a single small tree works well. “I just put some extra garland around the stand so visitors can’t see it,” Cason said.

Another trick is to decorate the small tree with themed ornament collections. Cason has her florist license, and offers her services for decorating for others. She also has a barn on her Coushatta property that she renovated into a venue for events, weddings, reunions and gatherings.

For more information, visit her Facebook page, My Three Weddings.