Provencal honors it’s veterans

Maci Moss and her cousin, Stuart Fredieu, were at the Provencal Veteran’s Day Ceremony.

The Provencal Panthers celebrated veterans in a Veteran’s Day ceremony. The school offered thanks for the men and women who have served the country that attended the ceremony.

This article published in the Dec. 16, 2021, print edition

They included the following:

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John Philip Salard Army, Earl Jeansonne Army, Charley Hawkes Marines, Ronald Dellinger Jr,. Army, Robert T. Howell 82nd Air Borne, Donald Dykes Army , Simon Sarpy Navy, Harvey Polk Army, Kenneth Adkins Air Force, Billy Shen Shugart Army, Luther Lee Navy, Johnny Possoit Army, Johnny R. Adams Army, Bradley Starks Army, J. Rodney Meziere Army, Codie Fleming Army, Matthew Cannon Navy, Loretta Vandenberg Marines, Sean Wester Marines, Paul Culberth Army, Stuart Fredieu Army, Thomas Elkins Navy, Perry Bergeron Army, James McDonald Navy, Donald J. Perez Marines, Dan Huber Army, Randy Dupree, Ritchie Warren and Johnny Salard.

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