Just Talkin’ for Dec. 16, 2021


JT ran across this quote that is sooo true. “Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it.”


Some have pointed out to JT that with the unusually large crowds this holiday season there’s no better time to start planning some type of downtown parking garage. JT’s not sure anyone has ever really talked about planning some downtown parking.

But with the increased events happening on the Riverbank and on Front Street it’s time to take some action. (JT’s not sure the number of times all or part of Front Street has been blocked off…but it sure seems like a lot…and it’s got to be frustrating for those business owners.) As one person mentioned to JT, the ideal location is the Police Jury lot located across the street from the Courthouse on Third Street. (The old St. Mary’s School site.)

It’s an easy two-block walk to downtown. They could construct a multi-story garage on that large lot. Allow courthouse staff to use it for work parking and even install pay devices for visitors and after hour users. There have to be grants or matching programs out there for these projects. It’s time for some public body to take the lead in solving the downtown parking problems.


Speaking of problems…let’s talk voter turnout. It seems the more opportunity we give people to vote…the less they take the advantage. Less than 400 votes were cast last weekend at the 15 precincts for school board renewals in the parish. One issue got 197 votes and the other had 188.

There were approximately 2,700 people eligible to vote. That means 2,300 of them didn’t care to vote. Next year it looks like just two elections are scheduled; one in March for municipal seats and one in the fall for Congressional seats. Now that’s the way it should be…fewer election dates because obviously extending the voting opportunities is not working.