Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Dec. 18, 2021


It looks like Chick- fil-A is really headed across the river to East Natchitoches. (They’ll still be across from the college.) Opening is not set until the last quarter of 2022 but the important thing JT hears is that it’s gonna have a drive-thru. A busy Keyser Avenue is going to get busier and it won’t be long before the available spots for development along Keyser will soon be filled.

Starbucks is set to open after the first of the year. JT also heard that the land sale has been completed for a new Super One in the area near Hobby Lobby and behind Blanchard St. Denis Funeral Home. It’s probably a good time for city leaders to start looking at a long-range traffic plan to relieve the congestion already on Keyser. We’ve already got a by-pass on the West side of town, how about one for the East side.

And while we’re planning….how about another bridge over Cane River. If the state is using pandemic money for repairs to the Superdome…it’s only logical it could be used for these projects too.


JT’s not too sure about this transfer portal we have seen so evident this past few years where the larger universities are getting players. Smaller schools have pretty much relied on junior college players to add to their rosters. Northwestern picked up seven of their newest Demons from there in the first day of early signing Wednesday. Their other early signees were high schoolers from the New Orleans area and Port Arthur, Texas. There’s still a signing period in February and NSU will undoubtedly add more to their roster.


Speaking of sports…both our NSU men and women basketball teams are in action here Saturday. Our Lady Demons are 6-3 and have won their last three games. They will host Tarelton Saturday at 1 p.m. before taking a 10-day break. The men will face Southwestern Adventist at 6 p.m. The men are 2-9 but don’t be alarmed. Coach Mike usually starts the season with national ranked and very competitive teams from across the country. Good luck to both teams.


Just a little heads up…next week’s Christmas paper will be headed your way on Tuesday because of post office closures for the holidays. That also means that the weekend paper (Christmas Day) will actually get to you on Friday.


JT knows that his hearing is not is good as it should be…or at least enough people have indicated he doesn’t hear them…that he has to believe it’s true. BUT… he can hear some car audio systems at least a hundred yards away. Talk about annoying while stopped for a red light! It’s one of JT’s three driving pet peeves.

Excessively loud music from autos, throwing trash out the windows and over tinted windows. There are laws against all of them…but rarely do you hear of a ticket being written. Some towns are known as speed traps and others have a reputation of you better not get caught drinking and driving. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were known as the city where you better be on your P’s and Q’s and observe all driving laws?

JT has a fourth driving peeve but not sure there’s a law about it. It’s people who don’t use their turn signals. JT actually heard of a family argument where their mother argued that Natchitoches drivers were the friendliest around. Another disagreed and told her that people were not waving at her when they held up just one finger. ——-