NRMC provides local Covid data


Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Kirk Soileau provided today’s statistics for COVID-19 Admissions across the State by Region as of Dec. 27.  Natchitoches Parish is in Region 7.   “ As you will note on the daily trends report, we are showing the fifth wave of the Pandemic.  Ventilator admissions overall are at 4.5 percent Statewide.  Note the spike in positive numbers state wide 12,164 is an accumulation of three (3) days.  The State no longer reports on the weekends.

Natchitoches Parish 7 Day Statistics as of Dec. 27:

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a.       Cases Positive 73.  Note these only account for tests performed at a healthcare facility.  If a community member self-tests or a family unit has two positive in a household of five, more than likely the other members will be positive and go untested.  The CDC anticipates up to 90 percent of Omicron Variant positive people will be asymptomatic.  Confidence is high that this seven- day positive count of 73 is low.

b.       Case Rate per 100,000 is 191.31

c.       Percent Positivity is 7.64 percent.  This is a three-week increase from 1.8 percent

d.       Percent of population >/= 5years of age and older fully vaccinated is 43.3 percent.

NRMC began drive through testing Monday at the WIC location at 740 Keyser Avenue.  This will be held every Monday and Thursday from 1-5 p.m. for the next three weeks.  We may extend testing based on demand and changes in positivity rates.  The use of Monoclonal Antibody Therapy has be restricted to specific patient criteria.  All NRMC administered infusions will be performed in the Ambulatory Treatment Center.

If patients present to the Emergency Department for an MAT, they will be directed to the ATC for scheduling the infusion during normal clinic business hours. “As of last week, the FDA has approved Paxlovid, the 4-Day Pfizer oral regime for COVID-19 Positive Patients, we are monitoring availability at all local pharmacies while we await the criteria for prescribing.  Supplies of Paxlovid will be limited until production increases for US supply distribution.  NRMC is working the LDH to see when healthcare facilities will be receiving shipments of the Pfizer oral 4-Day regime.  We will continue to update as we learn more.