Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Dec. 25, 2021


JT hasn’t seen updated numbers about how many people are getting the booster shots. The last he saw was about two weeks ago that said 41.35 percent of the people in our area were vaccinated. This omicron variant has really gotten people’s attention. There was no parish-by-parish breakdown of how many booster shots have been administered, but JT believes Natchitoches Parish may be at the top in people receiving the booster.

He has heard of quite a few locals who have had the booster at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center’s Outpatient Clinic. (Although that’s not the only place you can get it.) In his trip to the clinic for the booster, JT is pretty sure around 80 percent of the people there were for the booster. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people JT knows who have not had any of the vaccination shots.

Motel 6

He’s got friends who are adamant on both sides of the issue. It got JT to wondering if that might not be the root of one of the major family squabbles this holiday season.


It appears a 20-day session is ahead in February for legislators to consider reapportionment. For the first time in two decades, the reapportionment will include the state Supreme Court districts. Only three community meetings are left in the state to provide input. JT hears lines are being penciled in and maps, computer wizards and demographers are all ready for the legislators to make their political cases. Ideas have been floated and special interest groups are armed and ready. This should be a really interesting special session.


Someone must have found out JT’s age recently based on the new robo calls he’s getting. It’s gone from being his expired extended car warranty calls to a burial policy. Did someone’s algorithm put these telemarketers onto JT? Or do they know something he doesn’t? Maybe to be on the safe side, JT will move up his annual physical.

And speaking of extended car warranties….JT saw a social media post from local bad joke spreader and “humorist” Warren Massia. His message was basically, don’t expect me to stop if you’re broken down by the side of the road. You were offered an extended car warranty several times.