December one of the hottest on record


Information provided by Wiley Butler

Christmas 2021 hottest on record in the U.S., National Weather Service says Christmas 2021 was the hottest Christmas on record in the United States, according to the National Weather Service.

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A weather service observation station in Rio Grande Village in Texas recorded a high temperature of 94 degrees on Saturday, Christmas Day. According to the National Weather Service office in Midland, Texas, that was the warmest temperature on Dec. 25 in both Texas and the entire United States.

The previous record was 92 degrees, set again in Texas. This time it was McAllen and the year was 1964 (and it was tied in 2015).

Local weather watcher Wiley Butler told the Times the area has seen historic extreme climate numbers over the holidays.

According to Butler, two 80s and two 83 degree temperatures set all-time record daily highs. Recorded high for Christmas Eve in Natchitoches was 80; Christmas Day, 76; Dec. 26, 80; Dec. 27, 83; and Dec. 28, 83.

A 24-hour observing period is from 8 a.m.-8 a.m.

On Dec. 29, a 37 year old record was broken when temperatures again soared to 82. On this date in 1984 the temps topped out at 80. These official readings compare climate records back to 1893.