Just Talkin’ for Jan. 6, 2022


JT heard a lot of booms on New Year’s Eve… of various types.
The ones downtown and in the neighborhoods were pretty loud… as well as spectacular. The other ones…not so much.
JT has heard from quite a few people saying around midnight they heard gunshots going off in celebration of the New Year. It’s not unusual to hear one or two gunshots but this year there seemed to be quite a few.
To JT’s way of thinking…shooting guns, shotguns and rifles into the air is as dangerous as it gets.
Here’s one item that came to JT’s attention that he’s pretty sure someone is pulling his leg….but they insist it’s true.
Somewhere off Henry Blvd. someone (Santa perhaps?) got stuck in a chimney on Christmas Eve.
Supposedly, the fire department was called out to get them unstuck.
(Don’t know if adult beverages were involved or if it was a bet or something else.)
JT drove by the location where this event supposedly happened to look for chimney damage. He couldn’t see much damage…if any at all.
This is one of those times though when facts sometimes mess up what could be a really good story. You know what he’s talking about: the gossip is much better than what actually happened.
That’s why he’s not going to research this one too much. It’s a much better story not knowing the actual facts.
Here’s another story…you decide.
JT was told of a woman in South Louisiana who swears by “Holy Salt.”
She claims to spread it in her yard before every cold weather snap to protect her water pipes from freezing….and it works. Her neighbor’s pipes might freeze and burst…but not hers.
JT was told she got the salt from her church. He hasn’t heard much talk about Holy Salt around here but that doesn’t mean its not so.
In any case, JT is headed to the one place he knows that has everything, Kaffie Fredericks. They are kind of like that story JT went to as a lad that claimed…If we don’t have it… you don’t need it.
It won’t be the first time they’ve laughed him out of the store.
Speaking of the weather…it’s been crazy here the past week.
JT was moving around one morning when it was 27 degrees and by noon the temperature had reached 40 plus. JT actually thought 40 degrees felt pretty good…as long as he stayed out of the shade.
Without looking at the forecast JT knows we’ve got more of this coming.
His joints are telling him so.
Pretty much everyone JT knows is tired of football. And there’s still the national championship, pro football playoffs and the Superbowl.
And they are not alone…even some players are.
Take Tampa Bay’s Antonio Brown who took off his shoulder pads and jersey and pranced into the locker room during the third quarter of their game against the Jets.
He’s got a history of acting out and Tampa Bay had apparently given him one more last chance.
After the game Tampa Bay said he was no longer a member of the “Bucs” family.
JT thinks they acted a little too quickly.
They should have fined him as much as they could and once his check cleared…then dismissed him from the team.