Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Jan. 8, 2022


A friend e-mailed JT a report listing the 10 worst cities to live in Louisiana.
The list was based on poverty rate, crime statistics and wages.
Don’t fret…we didn’t make it. The closest town to us to make the list was Mansfield at #8. The top spot…if that’s what you want to call it…was Bastrop, followed by Bogalusa, Rayne, Marksville and Ville Platte.
The largest populated city to make the list was Hammond at #6.
The other three in the Top 10 were Tallulah, Franklin and Ponchatoula.
JT thought it odd that the top two cities were sites of former paper mills.
There was one mention of our community when it was said the people of Rayne could find some solace since they make more than those living in Natchitoches.
In the “what a way to close a year” category, JT gives a tip of his hat to former State Legislator, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown. Jim writes a regular column for his web site and some newspapers, including the Natchitoches Times. Before skipping a New Year’s column, Jim closed with this statement:
“I’ll be back next week with my customary views that are cantankerous, opinionated, inflammatory, slanted, and always full of vim and vigor. ”
That’s what JT calls real honesty.
Mardi Gras is back…although it might be modified a little because COVID just won’t go away.
It’s always a fun season with revelry and pageantry. Something we desperately need.
But what JT is really looking forward to are the King Cakes. Notice he said cakes…plural.
Like many of you, JT watched (at least some) of the LSU bowl game and the 42-24 thrashing Kansas State put on them. It was the final bowl game of the season.
All that’s left of college football is the Championship game Monday night between Alabama and Georgia (a rematch of the SEC Championship game) and the Senior Bowl Feb. 3.
The only complaint JT has heard about television viewing is that all of the holiday feel good movies are gone from Hallmark.