Just Talkin’ for Jan. 13, 2022


The College National Championship was one of the things most people were talking about this week.
Georgia defeating Alabama was a highlight for many football fans. JT didn’t watch past the first quarter because he didn’t care which team won. He was happy just to know the National Champion would be from the SEC—again.
But….there were others deeply invested. It reminded JT that either you love Alabama or you hate Alabama. There’s no middle ground. Kind of like the Dallas Cowboys.
After the game talk subsided, JT learned there’s a large following now of the Cincinnati Bengals. Seems fans of Joe Burrow from LSU days have followed him to his new team. Now that he has one of his former receivers, Ja’Marr Chase, to join him, they are re-connecting…a lot. They are now headed into the NFL playoffs.
JT understands the “Grinch” might have been in town Christmas Eve.
He’s heard reports of some folks having their checking accounts hacked about the time banks closed for the Christmas holiday.
Many banks closed early on Friday and that meant hackers had Friday, Saturday and Sunday to run up charges.
To steal a line from one of our favorite editorial writers….”it’s a sad commentary on our society.”
JT doesn’t have much interest in seeking Shreveport’s latest tourist attraction. That’s another attempt at lighting the Texas Street Bridge. They tried it a number of years ago with laser lighting but it didn’t stay that long.
Now, thanks to a million dollar donation, they are making another attempt to light the bridge connecting Shreveport to Bossier.
If you want to get involved, for $222.22 you can adopt one of the 13,000 LED lights.
JT will take our Church Street Bridge lighting over anyone’s….any day.
JT sees where sports betting is growing fast in Louisiana. We’re just days away from having on-line gambling ready for your computers. Right now though, it’s only in-person at some places.
As he looked over the list of where you can place an in-person bet…he learned you have to do so at a casino. They certainly can’t be happy about the state approving on-line betting.