Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Jan. 15. 2022


It hasn’t happened for some time….but Louisiana is facing an embarrassment of riches.
The state has $1.5 billion (with a B) in budget surpluses from previous and current fiscal years; $771 million in projected revenues increases for next year and then the state is getting a share of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by Congress last year.
You can anticipate a lot of hands out for a share of those funds.
JT knows it doesn’t always happen, but hopefully, the legislature and the governor will have at least some of the same priorities….and that the monies will be spread across the state and not just below I-10.
With all the COVID money spread around, no one can be really sure just how much some agencies or institutions really need.
One thing is certain…most people in our state are aware of our infrastructure needs. It’s not only roads and bridges, but also crumbling or badly in need of repair state structures; many of which are on our college campuses.
It will be interesting to see where the surplus dollars go. It’s being talked about now, but it will really heat up when the regular session of the Legislature begins in April.
Despite what you read above…don’t expect to get your tax return any time soon.
While the state will begin accepting returns the last Monday of this month, the expected turn-around time for an electronic filing is 45 days and if you mail in your return you can expect a three and one-half month delay before receiving your refund.
JT ran across a list of the top 20 legislators in pay they received.
The list was only for the House of Representatives and their average pay was in the $40,000 range. What was noticeable that most of those in the Top 20 list were from North Louisiana. He believes the extra sessions and mileage are the reason the pay has increased.
What JT…in his younger days…would have called a part-time job, isn’t the case anymore. Committee meetings are held year round and JT can’t remember the last time we only had one regular session.
As with any job, pay doesn’t determine how good you are. It’s the results that matter.