Deputies attempting to identify owner of burned vehicle in Gorum

NPSO, burned vehicle in Gorum

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Detectives are attempting to identify the owner of a burned vehicle discovered by a motorist on the Maurice Bynog Road near Gorum Sunday, Jan. 23, shortly after 7:30 p.m.
Deputies discovered what appeared to be a late model Chevrolet or GMC Sports Utility Vehicle totally burned. It appeared the burn was deliberate. The vehicle was missing an engine and the transmission.
A search of the immediate area for any clues or other evidence was unfounded.
Detectives have been unable to obtain a VIN due to the condition , however, a local towing service that recovered the vehicle is assisting detectives in attempting to locate other unique identifiers on the frame or other undisclosed locations on the vehicle.
Anyone with information should contact Maj. Reginald Turner at 357-7830.

NPSO burned vehicle in Gorum