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3In his winding down time, JT likes to work the daily crossword puzzle, Sudoku and jumble. Sometimes it’s just a stab at it though.
As he was doing the jumble on Monday, he got to the last word to unscramble and realized it was already unscrambled. The letters were “CAMPTI”.
The word they were actually looking for was “impact”. JT just left it at Campti.

This article published in the Jan. 26, 2022, print edition

JT got his fix of football in this weekend and on Sunday he was two for two. That’s because one of the teams he wanted to win…did and in another game the team he wanted to lose…did.
In both those games….the officiating was awful.
While JT is not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, their loss was heartbreaking. He’s never heard of a game ending because an official didn’t get the ball in play quick enough.
Some players who spoke out about the bad officiating are in line for a fine from the league. Too bad the officials can’t be fined too.
On Thursday, NSU is set to have a meet and greet for their new athletic director, Kevin Bostian of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
Bostian, at 43, wasn’t even born when Greg Burke started his 48 year tenure in NSU’s Athletic Department. Burke has been AD the last 25 years.
Greg is staying with the university as a fund-raiser in the administration of new NSU President Marcus Jones.
This year’s Louisiana Political Hall of Fame will certainly have a north Louisiana flair when they hold inductions Feb. 26 in Winnfield.
Ouachita Parish will have three inductees: Walter B. (Bert) Hatten, a longtime mayor of West Monroe; W. L. Jack Howard, the former mayor of Monroe; and former State Senator Robert W. “Bob” Kostelka, who represented the Ouachita Parish area.
Another north Louisiana legend honored will be the late former Sheriff of Tensas Parish, Elliot D. Coleman. Then there’s Dr. I.C. Turnley of Jena, who had a 60-year stint as the LaSalle Parish coroner and was on Gov. John J. McKeithen’s State Board of Health.
To be inducted…but not from the frozen nawth La…. is Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon, a native of New Orleans; and Roy O. Martin III of Alexandria.
The Louisiana Political Family of Officeholder Award is the Claude “Buddy” Leach family.
There’s lots of history in those inductees and the home of three Louisiana governors is the perfect place to honor them.
If anything…our politics is entertaining. The Democrats have two choices to unseat the Republican US Senate seat of John Kennedy. One is Luke Mixon, a former fighter pilot, and another is activist Gary Chambers. In a campaign ad released this week, Chambers is seen smoking marijuana.
One thing that will never change about Louisiana is its flare for campaigning.