Just Talkin’


Hope everyone has their outside pipes wrapped or are using the old dripping faucet method to prevent freezing pipes.
We don’t normally get an extended cold snap…but it looks like this one is here for the next week.
JT thought he could deal with the cold as long as there wasn’t a lot of wind blowing…he was wrong! As he faces “too many birthdays” his skin seems to get thinner and the more layers of clothing he requires.
Bundle up ya’ll….
JT sees where the Northwest Louisiana Game and Fish Preserve Commission is seeking to create some form of revenue stream so they can make improvements and maintain Black, Clear and Prairie Lakes in Natchitoches and Red River parishes. Right now their revenue source is from duck blind permits.
They are planning on having a bill introduced in the March legislative session that would allow the creation of a local political body that would be able to acquire, construct, maintain, improve operating works of public improvements in and around the lakes.
It’s a lot of words that just mean…we need some financial means to operate.
News of the possible elimination of Rep. Kenny Cox’s seat due to reapportionment really stirred up the hornet’s nest.
Nearly all of the Shreveport/Bossier lawmakers needing to add people to their districts seized onto the fact Cox is term limited and cannot run again in 2023. Their logic was rather than Shreveport/Bossier lose a seat in the legislature, let’s take one of the rural seats. Never mind the common-sense conclusion that since they lost population, they should lose the seat.
Johnny Cox, Coushatta mayor and brother to Rep. Kenny Cox, was eyeing the seat we’re told.
Some are even calling it “karma.” This seat was created as a minority district in the last reapportionment plan and enabled Cox to win.
It’s not a done deal, JT is told. Most any plan will include challenges from one group or another and it may take a court to decide on the final district lines drawn across the state.
However, for now, there’s “blood in the water.” Some legislators see it as a way to keep their state paycheck coming.
It just dawned on JT the other day that someone has tinkered with the traffic light at the foot of the Church Street Bridge on Williams Avenue.
The light now stays green longer…which means more traffic can turn onto the bridge and more traffic can head south on Williams. What used to be timed for only about five cars to get through before the light changed to red now allows about a dozen vehicles to get through.
A big thank you to the “tinkerer.”
JT ran across this bit recently titled “Questions without answers.”
Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?
If poison expires, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?
Why are goods sent by ship called cargo and those sent by truck called shipment?
Just wondering?