NATCOM Center handling call volume quickly


Juanice Gray | Editor
Residents of Natchitoches Parish can rest easy knowing the 911 Call Center (NATCOM) is adequately staffed and their emergency calls will be answered quickly. That information was released Tuesday, Jan. 18 during the 911 Commission’s regular meeting.
Executive Director Kim Tolliver said incoming calls were answered within 15 seconds 98% of the time by Sheriff’s Office operators and 99% percent of the time by Police Department operators. Both departments answered calls in 20 seconds or less 99% of the time. Tolliver said this translated into adequate staffing to handle call volume and praised the operators and their supervisors for professional conduct.
The 911 Addressing Office processed 10 applications for new residences and one updated address. The District purchased six new road signs in December for Bermuda, Mink Hutton, Dubois, Little River, Little River Cut-off and Nid Aigie Roads.
In August, signs were purchased for B.R. Whitehead, Slaughter and Junior Smith Roads.
In September, Ezzie Basco, Paul Bynog and Fish Hatchery Roads got new signs.
Five signs were purchased in October. They were for Patrick, Bermuda, Maricalli, Murphy and William Wooley Roads. November signs were for William Wooley and Jim Jordan Roads.
The commission is monitoring the re-issuance of signs across the parish. They have discussed discontinuing named road signs in areas of repeated instances of theft or destruction with road number signs, as in other states that use county road and numbers rather than road names.
The commission welcomed new member Michael Sesvold of Fire Dist. 6 to his first meeting. Sesvold takes the seat vacated by the late John Nicholas. Officers were elected as well, Fire Chief John Wynn, Chairman; Parish President John Richmond, Vice-Chair; and OEP Director Mary Jones, secretary. Commissioners are Sheriff Stuart Wright, Calvin Braxton, EMS Lead Supervisor Eric Keel, Chris Paige and Police Chief Nikeo Collins.
Tolliver is also working on a policy revision to include term limits for the three officer positions within the commission. Paige voiced his concerns of routinely renewing the seats. Others offered suggestions of two or three year term limits.
The district collected $24,661 in wireline revenue in December and $14,003 in wireless revenue. Year-to-Date, wireline revenue totaled $142,897 and wireless totaled $265,785.
The commission spent $2,500 in the last quarter of the year to repair the sewer lift station, as well as $1,700 during the summer. The lift station became clogged with flushed items that do not dissolve, mainly hygiene items. “We had to spend $5,000 in those two months to fix a toilet issue,” Tolliver said. She said signage was made and placed in restrooms reminding employees to only flush toilet tissue.
The board voted to increase the deductible on the building/equipment/automotive insurance policy from $500 per instance to $2,500. The District has only had one claim in several years and the savings per month will offset the deductible should they have a claim.
Two resolutions were passed. The first was for the holiday schedule for District employees and the second set monthly meeting dates and time. The next meeting will be Feb. 15 at 2 p.m. at the NATCOM center.