Courthouse entrance damaged

Natchitoches Parish Courthouse entrance on Church Street

Carolyn Roy | News Editor
During committee reports at the Parish Council meeting Wednesday, Parish President John Richmond said that the front entry to the courthouse has been found to have internal steel infrastructure nearly to the point of failure. Riley LaCaze and Intrepid Stone Masons are assessing the damage.
Now that the roof is replaced, ceiling repair and paint will be the next phase of work on the structure that is about 80 years old.

This article published in the Jan. 27, 2021, print edition

The Office of Community Development has awarded the design contract for the East Natchitoches Drainage improvements to Meyer, Meyer, Lacroix and Hixson. The engineers will submit a fee schedule and contract for consideration.
A new bin site location on Hwy. 118 in the Kisatchie area is being cleared. Richmond is waiting on a fencing contractor to complete the bin site at Gorum. Fencing prices are forthcoming to better control the site in Chestnut.
Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart received the final guidance on how money from the American Rescue Plan can be spent and is hopeful some $2.6 million can be spent on roads.
Office of Community Services Executive Director Sharon Harris gave the following report: