Virginia “Gingie” Pierson

Gingie Pierson circa 1940s

A century ago, on Feb. 6, 1922, Virginia Lou “Gingie” Trieschmann was born in Little Rock, Ark., to John and Cora Trieschmann. As World War II ramped up in 1942, she went to a dance at Camp Robinson in Little Rock where she was introduced to a handsome young U.S. Army 2nd Lt., a lawyer from Natchitoches, Ed Pierson. The next day, Ed saw Gingie crossing a street in downtown Little Rock, recognized her and invited her out. It did not take long for romance to bloom. (She has often said her parents thought Ed was from a foreign country.)

This article published in the Jan. 27, 2022, print edition

On March 6, 1943, Gingie and Ed were married at First Methodist Church in Little Rock. The U.S. Army moved them to Charleston, SC. From there Ed was soon deployed to France where he spent the next two years “working” for General Patton. Gingie moved back to her parents’ home in Little Rock where the following year their first child was born.
When in 1945, Ed returned from the War, they moved to Natchitoches, Ed’s hometown and which soon became Gingie’s hometown — and has been for the past 77 years.
Gingie and Ed Pierson, circa 1943

Gingie has been very active in many Natchitoches organizations. She was president of PTA at M.R. Weaver Elementary School (then East Natchitoches) when her children were enrolled there, taught Sunday School for many years at First United Methodist Church, held leadership positions in Service League where she is a sustaining member, P.E.O. where she is a “Golden Girl” having been a member for 75 years, on the Board of Directors for APHN, and a member of the committee which organized and founded the Natchitoches-Northwestern State University Symphony.
Gingie with her children, on ront row from left, Jim Pierson, Gingie and Jay Pierson. On back row are Patsy McAlpine and Mary Lou Brown.

Gingie began her college education at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark., and completed it 17 years later (after four children) at NSU with a degree in education.
With that education she organized and directed the opening of First United Methodist Church’s nursery school, where she spent 25 years teaching alongside her friends Charlsie Coker and Sue Breedlove. Those years have been among her fondest memories where she often points out successful adults who were her “nursery school children.”
Gingie and Ed have four children, Mary Lou, Jay, Jim (deceased) and Patsy. She often says, “My children are my legacy.” Gingie and Ed were married 57 years when Ed died in 1999. The family hopes many of her friends will send cards to Gingie, in care of 496 Kayla Drive, Natchitoches, acknowledging this wonderful woman.
On Feb. 6, 2022, Gingie will celebrate her 100th year, an amazing milestone, with her family.