Buildings declared unsafe


Carolyn Roy | News Editor
At the City Council meeting Jan. 24, there was an ordinance introduced to declare several buildings unsafe with the recommendation that they be demolished or put into repair to comply with the City Building Code.

This article published in the Jan. 29, 2022, print edition

Those buildings were inspected by Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque who listed them as dangerous and unsanitary making them unsafe and endangering the public welfare.
If the City Council passes the ordinance and the houses are not brought up to City Code, they can be condemned and demolished either by the Public Works Department or outside contractors. A lien is placed on the property and it becomes a City asset with the owner receiving a bill for the demolition.
The following buildings were recommended for condemnation:
•918 Bayou Jacko St., owned by Jafar F. Al-Sharab, 116 Watson Drive
•1016 Collins St., owned by Anthony S. Catanese, POB 396, Natchitoches
•225 Gibson St., owned by Emily Brooks, C/O Julie Kennedy, 115 Amanda Drive, Natchitoches
•232 Julia St., owned by La. Property Acquisition & Management LLC, 433 South Vine Ave., Tyler, Texas
•1401 Grayson St., owned by Millie H, Easley, 1401 Grayson St., Natchitoches
•928 Short Seventh St., owned by Pearline B. Hoover, 928 Highland Park Drive, Natchitoches
•1428 Sawyer, owned by David C. Dixon, 314Duplex, Natchitoches
•1530 West Court Drive, owned by Frank D. and Tanyia G. Manausa, 1530 West Court Drive, Natchitoches
•402 Rowena St., owned by Rufus and Florien Moses C/O Sandra Beaudion, 1124 Highland Park Drive, Natchitoches
•517 Lafayette, owned by Mildred Leach et al, C/O Linell Leach, 309 Luella Ave., Calumet City, Ill